Frequently Asked Questions

We will be updating this section as often as we can answer your most frequently asked questions.


When is the next awards night?

The 2018 awards event will be held in April 2019. Details to be confirmed in late 2018.

who are the judges?

See the Theatre Panel HERE. See the Dance Panel HERE

how does the judging work?

There is a panel of 10-13 judges per category (theatre and dance). For your show to be considered, there must be at least three judges in attendance at your performance season. The judging period covers January to December 2018.

Following the performances, judges will complete an assessment survey. At the end of the year, the judges will review their assessments and the scores will be combined. The panel will meet to decide on the nominees and winners.

become a sponsor

There are opportunities to support the 2018 Awards event and specific awards. 

If you are interested, please contact Event Producer, Georgia Malone at